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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  September 15, 2014 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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today. an mri on robert griffin, iii's ankle showed no fractures, good news because he won't require surgery, the franchise qb possibly returning sometime this season, however no timetable given regarding his return. now coach gruden said putting robert griffin, iii on the injure reserve list since really an option. for the injures -- injured reserve list isn't really an option. for the injuries, this is becoming an all too familiar sight, his second injury in three years in the league. today he tried to quiet critics questioning the durability of griffin as a quarterback and injury prone football player saying this was a freak accident. >> it's unfortunate. it is and the more injuries mount on him it just becomes an issue, i guess, from a lot of people think his durability is in question, but it's just unfortunate injuries. had an unfortunate knee injury
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and this was a fluke deal where he was rolling out and got his ankle caught in the ground in an awkward way. i think they're just fluke injuries and happen to certain players time to time. hopefully when he recovers from this, it will be the last one he of has. >> reporter: we tried to -- he every has. >> reporter: we tried to talk to robert griffin today. he was not made available to the media. his mri results will be sent for a special reevaluation and cast for a couple weeks as he begins his rehab. >> with no timetable for rg3's return quarterback kirk cousins likely will receive extensive playing time as the starter. meanwhile the nfl hired three women advisors to help the league shape its policies. rice and a players union believe his punishment violates
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the players collective bargaining agreement. >> they will fight the idea of double jeopardy here. they'll turn to the cba, some arms that say a team -- articles that say a team and the league can't punish applier for the same incident and they believe a player can't be suspended twice for his same actions. >> rice was initially fined half a million dollars and suspended two games when the first surveillance video surfaced. the union has until midnight tomorrow to file an appeal. the vikings say adrian peterson will be in uniform sunday. the team announced today the running back will practice this week and he's expected to be in full pads playing sun against the new orleans saints. as you probably -- sunday against the new orleans saints. as you probably know, peterson was pulled from yesterday's game after being indicted in texas by a grand jury on a child abuse charge for spanking his child with a tree branch. vikings say they will monitor the situation closely. a ton
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university student who says he was inspired by the tv show pled guilty today to possessing the deadly poison ricin. as part of the plea deal 19- year-old daniel millsman faces one to two years of prison time plus fines. he was arrested last march after his dormitory building was evacuated and officials found ricin in his room. prosecutors argue millsman was depressed and had no intention of using the lethal toxins on anyone other than himself. a suspect accused of going on a one man killing spree in alexandria is due in court tomorrow. that's where charles severance is held tonight after he was transferred from loudoun county. >> reporter: i'm peggy fox in canned ya where charles severance -- alexandria where charm severance charged with three murders -- charles severance charged with three murders is finally being held in custody. charles severance is here at one of the most secure jails in our region, the alexandria adult detention center.
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last week severance was charged with three alexandria murders, ruthanne lodato, ron occur kirby -- kirby and nancy dunning. the families are grateful for the progress in the case. >> the reality is it's a long legal process and they know that, but for the family it just serve as a painful reminder. >> reporter: this morning with ankles shackled wearing a white and orange jump suit severance appeared in loudoun county county where he's been held for five months on a weapons violations charge. some people have said these charges were trumped up in loudoun so that alexandria could move on and continue its investigation. >> some might say that. i mean there's no trumping up evidence and facts. >> reporter: theup released severance from lao county -- the judge released severance from loudoun county custody and he was transferred immediately to alexandria. it has been more than a
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week since two clarkbsurg toddlers wednesday missing and police reached the sad conclusion that many of us thought they may and feared that those children just aren't alive anymore and now montgomery county police are pursuing a homicide case against their mother. >> reporter: i'm stephanie ramirez at the germantown chick- fil-a where the search for catherine hoggle began a week ago. a week later you can see clearly family members and friends are not giving up in finding 3-year-old sarah and 2- year-old jacob alive. police are asking homeowners to check their properties as well only now police tell us it's missing persons investigation and search turning into a homicide investigation. captain daren franckey tells us over the weekend and some 15 hours of questioning refused to give up the location of her children. she faced a bond hearing today rescheduled for september 30th, but afterwards the state attorney as well as hoggle's attorney spoke with us. >> everybody agrees there are significant profound and substantial and mental health
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issues. >> last year 28% of the individuals who came to our local county jail needed immediate psychiatric intervention. this is a huge community problem. this is a terrible situation in which we are confronted with those same psychiatric issues again. it's something we need as a community to deal with. >> reporter: from now until september 30th hoggle will undergo a psych evaluation. in the meantime as the search continues the children's father troy turner is asking people to take a close look at the children's facial features. he says if hoggle changed their appearance, there's a chance she could have changed his children's appearance as well. stephanie ramirez, wusa9. >> right now on our wusa9 facebook page we've got pictures of dozens of kids missing in our area. so log on, take a look. maybe you can help bring them home. join us on thursday at 5:00 when we will air more stories of missing children. also still ahead on wusa9 the drive to build an international coalition to
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fight islamic militants is gaining momentum. we'll have the latest developments. >> i'm meteorologist topper shutt, high temperature 77 today. here's a look at futurecast later on tonight, take a walk after dinner, pretty cool, 67 downtown, blow 60s in gaithersburg, mid-60s in leesburg and manassas. we'll come back, tracking a cold front, when the showers roll in and move out. >> plus the push for d.c. statehood, congress is taking a look, but backers aren't
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the government vows to fight american extremists who go overseas to join the armed conflicts like in syria and iraq. the justice department is launching a series of pilot programs across the country to counter terror at the grassroots. the department's community engagement effort recently led to the arrest of a 19-year-old woman out of denver who was trying to travel over to syria to provide medical assistance
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to isis fighters. the new pilot program seeks to combat what would be jihaddists before they get on a plane. on the international front secretary of state john kerry was in pair today working to build a broad coalition to take on isis. kerry met with 26 country's representatives. the you says several arab countries -- the white house says several arab countries have joined the coalition. >> the international community is mobilizing to take the fight against isil because of the terrible nature of their acts and because of their vision. >> the u.s. is already conducting airstrikes against isis targets and president obama asked congress for authority to arm and train moderate syrian rebels to fight isis on the ground. that vote is expected this week. it is a big day for backers of d.c. statehood. a hearing was held in congress today on the issue. it's the first time anything like that's happened in over 20 year, but proponents are making of make -- proponents of making the city a 51st state is with
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low expectations. >> reporter: it's the first hearing on the senate side, but there's no markup scheduled. there will be no vote on this bill. >> these residents pay over $20 billion in federal taxes. that's more than the federal taxes paid by states like nebraska, like south carolina and new hampshire. >> reporter: that's delaware democratic senator tom copper. he agreed to hold a hearing on the d.c. statehood bill. it's got 18 democratic co- sponsors but he wouldn't schedule a vote because he doesn't have the votes to pass the measure. >> when it comes to having a vote in congress, these men and women really do not count. >> this bill makes a state out of the neutral land that houses the federal government. it's unprecedented. >> reporter: republican senator tom colburn of oklahoma said d.c. statehood doesn't have a chance. >> it is unconstitutional and would come with other extremely complex legal challenges. >> reporter: d.c.'s nonvoting delegate to congress eleanor holmes norton says the hearing
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is but another first step in a revised campaign for statehood. >> there isn't a markup. there won't be a vote. >> you know what? this senator has started ball rolling. i think you'll see residents willing to get on that ball and keep it rolling to get the public support we will need in the city and in the nation to make statehood happen. >> reporter: long time statehood advocates mark plotkin calls the hearing a waste of time. >> it's a farce. it's a fraud. a hearing means that the next step is a vote on the bill. there are no plans by the chairman of this committee who introduced the bill january of last year to have a markup and vote on the bill. >> reporter: other long time statehood advocates disagree. >> we've got to get the republicans out of their logjam against this and i think we're going to do it. >> i think it's an important thing for my city and i want to stand up and be counted.
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>> reporter: d.c. residents were granted the right to vote for president in 1961 and a locally elected mayor and legislature in 1973, but the city remains a federal enclave controlled by the congress. a footnote to all that was said in the hearing today, the 646,000 residents here in the nation's capital are the only residents of the capital city in the free world who don't have voting representation in the national legislature. back to you guys. still ahead on sa9 the deadly navy yard shooting, are we any safer? detect
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as the 1 year anniversary of the deadly navy yard shooting approaches, several laws have been passed for testing for mental illness and congress is debating a sweeping new law called the mental health crisis act. advocates think more needs to be done. >> i hear voices. i have dilutions. >> reporter: natty is an arlington woman who has battled mental illness for six years and in virginia she has struggled to get help. >> i needed treatment very bad. >> reporter: advocates including natty's own mother is far from alone. >> america is full of family members pleading to get help for their children. >> reporter: no one ever diagnosed aaron alexis with a serious mental illness, but he did complain to doctors about anger, paronoia and insomnia
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and a month and a half before he massacred 12 people here he told police in rhode island that someone was beaming voices and extremely low frequency vibrations into his hotel room harassing him and preventing him from sleeping. >> was he crying out for medical help? no. he didn't think he was sick like about half of people who have untreated schizophrenia and severe bipolar. he was not aware of his own illness. [ sirens ] >> you have taken that -- if you had taken that guy and given him treatment and gotten him on methods and given them therapy -- meds and given him therapy, he would never have committed those crimes. >> reporter: fuller supports what she calls need for treatment laws which have been adopted by a score of states.
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>> if rhode island has had a need for treatment standard, those police officers could have taken aaron alexis to a hospital and had a mental health professional see if he needed help. >> reporter: some critics do question the effectiveness of involuntary treatment and in many states authorities have to show someone is an imminent threat to themselves or others to deny them their freedom. >> someone who is tortured by hallucinations already has lost their freedom because they've lost their mind. if they end up in jail, they've lost far more freedom than they lose going to ab hospital to be evaluated. if -- going to a hospital to be evaluated. if they dead, they lose all their freedom. >> reporter: from the navy yard to santa barbara to sandy hook, america has been terrorized by troubled mass killers. maybe earlier mental health help might have saved them and their victims. >> i'm doing really well. >> reporter: in d.c. bruce leshan, wusa9. always watching always
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tracking wusa9 first alert weather. >> what topper is watching and tracking this week is nothing but cool air and sunny skies. >> pretty much. a weak cold front tonight, kind of a week front thursday. that's about it. you can pretty much plan anything you want this week art with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, 77 for the high today, 73 now, 48 this morning at dulles, 45 sunday morning at dulles, so yeah, rest the old ac. right now we're looking at humidity 46%, winds turned south, southwest at 5. they'll be that way till front goes through overnight. had to widen out the radar to show you some of the showers, west of pittsburgh and right around columbus pushing south and east. most of this moisture peoples off to the north, but we could see a couple showers after midnight just before dawn. great stretch for utility bills, bus stop temperatures tomorrow not as chilly as they've been, cool, yes, 56 to
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70 that's 6 a.m. to about 9 a.m. the kids will need a sweater. you'll need your sunglasses eventually. more cool nights and mild days ahead, another nice stretch. futurecast, stop it at 6 a.m., a snapshot here, 66 downtown, still some clouds to be found, but 60 in gaithersburg, leesburg, but a dry mute in the morning. by 8:00 getting some breaks in the clouds west around leesburg and downtown and by lunchtime mid-70s, 75 downtown, low 70s in the burbs at 1:00. want to walk to lunch tomorrow, do it. by 4:00 we're in the upper 70s downtown, low to mid-70s the burbs, 6:00 generally mid- to low 70s, so a comfortably warm day, a little below average, but no complaints. by 7:30 we're in the 60s in the burbs and low 70s downtown. then the air mass is dry which means not much humidity, so it
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cools off quickly. by 10:30 tomorrow night it will be 59 in gaithersburg, 68 downtown, low 60s in leesburg, manassas and culpeper and la plata. for us tonight increasing cloudiness, not as cool, clouds keeping temps up, 56 to 64 and a lit shower possible after midnight. by morning skies return, partly cloudy, may take a while south of town, high temperatures if i 6 to 73 and by afternoon -- 56 to 73 and by afternoon a great day, partly cloudy, pleasant, high temperatures upper 70s to around 80. break it down, 60s to start, downtown temps, 73 by 11:00 and by 1:00 mid-70s, perfect to walk to lunch. behind the front still nice wednesday, 76. yes, we got a sprinkle your outdoor plans, 75. next seven days low 70s friday, cool, weekend dry.
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partly sunny saturday and sunday, mid-70s on saturday, upper 70s on sunday, perhaps a shower early on monday
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bulling around. didn't have as much trouble with the afternoon party games. >> that's the owner of george who had a pet goldfish who had a brain tumor. we're not joking. water from his pond was brought into the microsurgery. they put it into his mouth to keep his gills wet. >> after about an hour on the operating table, that procedure that cost hundreds of dollars, george was off the hook. he joined his old mate back at his pond where he is expected to be in the swim for at least another 20 years, thank goodness. >> would it have been wrong to just buy another goldfish and say it was george? >> i for one will sleep better tonight knowing george is alive. that's all for our news at 7:00. we'll be back at 11:00, folks. >> we'll see you then, bye bye.
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♪ bundle ♪ ♪ mm, feel those savings, baby ♪ and that's how a home and auto bundle is made. better he learns it here than on the streets. the miracle of bundling -- now, that's progressive. the new "view" kicked off today, but were they all too nyse nice?
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>> i think everybody wanted to see a little fire. can this new mix save the show? >> we did it. >> i don't worry with the ratings. >> rocsi is backstage with the o prl digahost, the wild card and gtheame changer. >> i wonder if they are going to miss barbara because it's ros sie'd worl. now >> she alwaisys watching from home? and then martha stewart goes off on gwyneth paltrow telling her basically to stick to acting. >> this is the woman who actually just interviewed martha. >> she made an observation. >> we also are with "gotham" hottie ben mckenzie after his nasty on-set accident this weekend. >> there's a lot of blood. >> and i'm talking to the author of the bill cosby biography. there's a woman who comes on and says i'm your daughter. explosive stuff. bill's alleged love child, his n sour's mder and how whitney houston almost bake a huxtable. >> plus bieber and selena in vegas. clooney wedding news and beyonce preg any rumors. >> got a lot going on. >> cue the theme. ♪♪
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>> now, "e.t.," and, hey, thanks for the shout-out rosie. you've got to love rosie singing our theme song, right? >> even if she was teasing us a little bit. don't worry. rosie, don't worry. got my eyes on you. >> hey, everybody. it's a new "view" with barbara walt, anointing rosie and the team, but is this "the view" without barbara's day-to-day involvement. is it a new freedom or a new voice? >> can the new crew share the talk show that's been struggling? >> our top story is day one of the brand new "view." >>i don't worry about the ratings. i think i have one year to try to see if the four of us can get something going and hopefully we will. >> hello, and welcome to "the newer view."


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